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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Talkin' about My Generation Part 1

 "My Generation" was a song made famous by "The Who" in 1968.

That was my generation.
The young people now called "baby boomers" who grew up with the pop music explosion,the Vietnam War as a constant, and for people my age, the risk of the Draft to go to Vietnam.
My marble did not come up(It was chosen like a lottery).
 I doubt I would have coped as so many didn't and some sadly lost their lives.
We also had been born after the second world war and heard from our parents the stories of that conflict.
My Dad was a Catalina Pilot in the RAAF.

It was also an age where drug taking was beginning in Australia having already been in America some ten or more years before.
It was the era of the Beatles,so called "Free Love" and also the start of the Protest Movement that is still ongoing in the world today.
The collective human nature of mankind never changes.
(Individuals can have a life changing , change of disposition ie. exchanging their dispostion for the disposition of Jesus Christ.)
I intend to share some of my experiences since that time,probably 60's to seventies to begin with,over these pages in coming months but also giving respect to the privacy of others.
I will talk about Music, Sport,Social Change, The Church,Religion,Politics,Employment,Entertainment and probably much more.
I invite you to follow (and for younger people it might be of interest what world their grandparents and parents lived in and to those of us who are this generation some nostalgia) and  feel free to comment and share your experiences.

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