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Monday, October 21, 2013

Being Guided by God-Listening Prayer

I have just read of a devotional book that is apparently on the bestseller list.It is written by Sarah Young.
It is called"Jesus Calling"
Here is the link to the article I read.
It has been compared to "My Utmost for His Highest" by Oswald Chambers

Sounds like a timely book and reading this article I am reminded of some earlier posts I have on this blog.
Because of Sarah Young's prolonged illness I am reminded of the wonderful devotional books by Amy Carmichael who herself was bed ridden for many years.
See the link to "If" and "calvary Love"  below.
Also I am reminded of the Oxford Group led by Frank Buchman last century.
There was an emphasis for those in the Group to have a daily quiet time and write down your guidance.
One of my own pastors Frank Hunting used to keep this practice and he had amazing Christian insight and was in my opinion genuinely guided by God.
I have just also been looking at this evening a book called "Forgiveness,Life and Glory" by one S.A Blackwood, compiled in 1865 from talks he gave in house meetings.
I don't doubt he kept similar practices.
I will get a copy of the latest book soon but we need to practice these things ,not just read about them.
Our lives and those around us we would be so much better if we did.

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