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Friday, October 11, 2013

S.W.Jackson-Early Australian Bird Photographer and Naturalist

I love collecting old photos and in particular like reading about and looking up information about photographers from a bygone era.
Especially Wildlife and Bird Photographers.
One person I have come across was S.W. Jackson.
I discovered him in a book by Bernard O'Reilly.
O'reilly wrote 3 Australian books.
"Green Mountains"
and "Over the Hills".
They are classic Australian Stories.
"Green Mountains" is an account of a lost Aircraft ( a Stimson) in the rainforests of Queensland.
Bernard O'Reilly found the wreck and their were two survivors.
"Green Mountains" is an Australian classic and a true story.
Below is an extract from "Over the Hills" about how photographers like S.W., Jackson from the wet plate days went about their business.Bernard O'Reilly is telling about his experience as a young assistant to the photographer. The process is a far cry from our snapping away with a digital camera.

And here is are links to wikipedia about S W Jackson and also some of his work.

Follow some of the suggested links in wikkipedia and you will uncover lots of interesting information about our photographic history and the inter action between different practicioners.

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