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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cricket Photographer Pioneer

One of the benefits of being retired is that you can find time to research things you are interested in.
I have a passion for cricket and also cricket photogrpahy.
One of the best pictorial  books on cricket I have come across is "Cricket  the Golden Age" edited by Duncan Steer.
An amazing collecton of cricket photography from 1859 to 1999.
One of the iconic cricket photos is of Victor Trumper dancing down the pitch to play a drive.
Every true cricket fan would know of this picture.
It's in the above book.
It was actually taken by a cricketer who also become the first notable Cricket Photographer and also he covered Golf and Ju Jitsu.
His name is George Beldam who also played with W G Grace and took a portrait of W G as in the above book.
Here is the wikipedia link about George.

Do some more google searching and a fascinating story emerges.
There are some books he co authored that I am sure are treasured collector's tems now.

George Beldam bowling

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