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Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Wonderful song by one of God's Chosen

As a young Christian in the 1970's I was greatly influenced by Joni Eareckson's book Joni about her tragic accident as a teenager that left her a quadriplegic.
It so impressed me that I gave copies to other people including a young girl I did not know who was in a hospital bed having just suffered a similar accident.
The book wonderfully tells the story of her battle to come to terms with her injury and her Christian Faith.
She later married Ken Tada and became Joni Eareckson Tada.
They have continued all these long years since in Ministry and Joni has also recorded as a singer.
I read today that her song from the  film called "Alone but not alone", it is the title song by the same name, has been nominated for an Academy Award.
Read how Christianity Today has reported on this and watch the beautiful film clip of Joni singing the song.

Below is a link to her ministry web site.
She writes about the monination on her ministry blog.
The clip is also available there.

NB. As at 2/2/14 the song has now been disqualified from nomination.

See further on Christianity today.

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