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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

How smart were our ancestors?

As a convinced Christian and Creationist I have long held the view that so called ancient man was just as capable and intelligent as modern humans.
I mean going back to original humans.
Those who have been labelled with a homo prefix.
Not accepting evolution I am not considering what are considered to be our development? from so called ape like creatures.
In recent history the Statues of Easter Island, The Pyramids of Egypt and the huge Cathederals of Europe and The Temples of Angkor Wat surely hint at this.
And  what about the huge body of work of Leonardo Da Vinci?
This video broadcast below helps to support what I believe.
I saw a documentary some time back on ancient tribes in the Amazon Jungle, that had had no real contact with modern man, and it showed one "savage?" actually using a modern video camera and asking questions about it's operation.
Follow the link to stimulate your thinking.

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