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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Soldiers and Boiled Eggs

A sure fire hit with our grandchildren is always soldiers dipped in the runny yoke of a hard boiled egg.
For those unfamiliar with this standard Australian(it may be done in other countries too) meal for kids here's how.
Make some toast and butter the toast.
Cut it into halves and cut strips in the halves to create a piece of toast of a size that can be dipped in the egg yolk.
These are the "soldiers".
Boil an egg for about 3 minutes.
Place the egg in an eggcup and with a sharp knife cut the top off.
Leave the top of the egg on the plate to be scooped out after.
Let the child dip the "soldiers" in the runny egg yolk and slurp up into their mouths.
For younger kids you may have to help.
After the runny yellow bit is all soaked up the child can then scoop out the rest of the egg white from the egg shell including the top bit with a tea spoon..
A little bit of butter placed on the spoonful can make it more nourishing.
If they are still hungry you can repeat with another egg.
The highlight at the end is turning the eggshell upside down in the eggcup and smashing it with a spoon.
A messy but interactive meal for the kids who never say no to it.
Suitable from about 2 to any adult age.

Getting real messy just using a finger instead of a soldier

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