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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Severe Bushfires in South East Australia

Much of South Eastern Australia is threatened by bush fires today,Friday 17/1/14.
Our relatives in Renmark in South Australia have had to evacuate their homes.
This follows on from a week of severe temperatures.
In Adelaide we have had about 5 days in a row with the temperature over 42c.
Even hotter in regional country centres.
There are towns under threat as I type.
There is an all night watch on the local ABC radio keeping listeners and residents up to date.
In Adelaide itself a cool change has come in with very spectacular thunderstorms and some rain.
If you are a prayer please pray that there will be minimum serious outcomes from these fires.
There have been 3 properties destroyed in SA so far and 1 death in Victoria.
Many houses across the state are without power.
We have power to our house but the street lights are out after a very close lightning strike.
Here is a link to the ABC.

Update on Saturday morning.
Thankfully our relatives are safely back in their homes this saturday morning.
There are still many fires burning out of control in our state.

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