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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

All I know about: Wedding Photography Topic No. 1

Taking the Plunge  copyright geoff thompson 2010

I have recently "retired" from the workforce and it is my intention to progressively post on this blog all I have learned since 1975 about wedding photography and other photography genres.If you are wanting to start a career as a wedding and social events photography then this progressive blog may be more than useful.If you have been doing it for a while then this also may be helpful to follow the blog.Wedding photography is something you can learn before "Taking the Plunge".There will be sample images and also contents of my notes I have prepared when conducting this course over the years with many "live students".Some have become very successful commercial photographers.I will have more time this coming Friday to start the process. I will welcome contact from people if you wish to email or speak to me by phone or in person.I have worked since 1964 in mainly people type roles such as Rehabilitation and Employment Counselling and Social Welfare Intervention.My photography career has always run parallel to my other activities.There are at times on this blog my thoughts about personal and spiritual growth via the Christian Religion. That is part of me so I make no apologies for things said you may agree or not agree with.My one focus in all I do is based on Love with a capital L.I have gained much from people over the years who have freely given of their time and knowledge.I am attempting to the same  now as I move into the so called 3rd age or sunset years.If people are fortunate with modern health treatments some of us can enjoy a longer sunset than others.My Dad's sunset was  at the age of 70 which was far to young. He was my first photography teacher although he was an accountant by profession.  geoff thompson

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