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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Darwin 2011 Alice Springs to Glendambo

Zebra Finch

On the road to Glendambo

Today we left Alice springs in cold wet conditions.Travelled for some time in rainy conditions and eventually sun came out.Stopped for lunch at Marla.We saw a Dingo, the usual birds of prey including 3 wedgetailed eagles and numerous small flocks of small birds crossing the road at their peril for most of the journey. Several were hit by our car and many had obviously been hit by others.We surmised to what they might be and one guess was zebra finches. When we found one in the grill of the car this guess was proved correct. They must be in abundant supply in South Australia and the Northern Territory due to favourable conditions.The countryside is looking great due to a very wet year so far this year in Australia.Had the usual good meal at the Glendambo Roadhouse but they did not have the wood fire going.Going to be 2 degrees here tonight. Tomorrow back to Adelaide mid afternoon.

Ps. We were in the area and we are not sure whether the dingo we saw was Dinky, the famous singing dingo.

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