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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Darwin 2011 Pine Creek,Edith Falls, Katherine

Pine Creek Railway Museum

Pheasant Coucal

Great Bower Bird

Edith Falls

Today,sunday.Had bacon and eggs with Tracy,Simon and Lucia and thanked them for their hospitality. Headed for Pine Creek and beyond at 10am.At Pine Creek looked for the Hooded Parrot that I thought we might see but to no avail.Had a look over the Pine Creek Railway Museum. Drove on to Edith Falls and had a look and took some pictures but as it was a warm day we opted not to do the round the cliff top walk. Had a visit from a Great Bower Bird. My first ever Bower Bird sighting that I am aware of.Came on to Katherine and booked into a cabin at the Knott's Crossing Resort.We went for a walk parallel to the Katherine River but could not get down to it. Low and behold God arranged for the arrival for a photo shoot of the Pheasant Coucal I had hoped to see at East Point. Having now observed this bird from the photos and examining my bird book I now think that what I saw at East Point 40 years ago and thought was a P.C. was in fact a Koel.Can't always get it right. Also saw a Fig Bird and still trying to identify a few others we saw today.Had a great meal at Katie's at the resort tonight and listened to some mellow country music.Cabin is basic but good.We are having agreat time but I am feeling guilty that you are all dealing with stresses of living in the big smoke while I am up here. Tomorrow we are heading for Katherine gorge in the morning and planning to stay at Mataranka tomorrow night. Days have been warm with very pleasant mornings ad evenings. Can hear lots of Gheckoes barking around here tonight.

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