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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Darwin 2011 devils Marbles, Alice Springs

At Devils Marbles with old Kodak Retina Film Camera.
Did not use today but loved using it in the top end.

People taking risks at Marbles.

Juvenile Pied Butcher Bird

Morning road scene leaving Tennant Creek

Dave on way to shower at 6:30am at Tennant Creek

wed 8/6/11 We left tenant Creek this morning having woken up to a very brisk morning.On the road at 8am and had lovely sunlit journey for several kilometres and the the day got steadily overcast ad eventually drove through lots of rain. Went for a walk and climb through "the devil's marbles" and took lots of photos. Birds were Pied Butcherbird and juvenile of same species,Peregrine Falcon and not sure what other small ones I could hear and get glimpses of in a native fig tree.I purchased a book in Darwin by the Jawoyn people of the top end about the plants and animals and birds that they have a wonderful knowledge of. Interestingly they said this particular plant always grows in rocky areas.To me this would indicate that certain birds must live in the rocky habitats who drop the seeds there. Another marvel of God's creation and the eco system.Had a Chiko roll for morning tea at Barrow Creek but was not up to Blanchetown Rpadhouse standard.Also found five actual marbles at Barrow creek where we were seating.Devil must have lost them. lol. We are in Caravan Park at Alice Springs and had a walk down the Mall. Great bookshop full of only Australian Books.Could have bought several.

We had a gourmet Chicken Royale Pizza for tea.It was very good.

From Rocky's Pizza and Fat Kebab Ph: 89535454.Alice Springs

Dave driving very well and as usual.Tomorrow we are hoping to make it to Glendambo. This is Geoff saying over and out.

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