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Monday, June 13, 2011

"I don't know how to love Him."

Communion 31/10/10 “I don’t know how to love Him.” Communion talk given at Parkrose Nursing home service Adelaide South Australia.

            Last night Lesley and I went to see the musical Jesus Christ Superstar.

There were many people there and it was a very good production with an excellent cast and we were told in the notes in the programme by the director that many of them were Christians.
Indeed we read in the paper a few weeks ago that the young man playing Jesus had after several performances in other productions  become a believer himself.

It was probably for some people there, their  first encounter with the person of Jesus.
For us ,we were there as we like the music and also when it came onto the scene in the 1970,s it was maligned as being sacrilegious.
But a few years ago we went to see a production and found it very moving.
We have now seen 3 or 4 versions of it.
As Christians of course you sit there thinking have they got this right or that right which is exactly what we do when we analyse other denominations or Christians and there take on theology.
It was interesting to note in the programme notes that a theological consultant was listed and she was also in the cast.

Thinking about last night the verse came to my mind, where 2 or 3 were gathered in my name then there I am in the midst of them. There were 2 spare seats next to us.
Jesus may well have been sitting in one of them.

One of the most well known songs in the production is “I don’t know how to Love Him” sung by Mary , the former prostitute.

The young lady who sung this did so beautifully.

It is a good question.

Do we know How to love Him?

Do we know how to make our relationship with Him more than just an intellectual consent to his  teaching.

In the production the last supper scene is very prominent where Jesus gives the Bread and the wine to the disciples saying this is my body and this is my blood. Drink this in memory of me. In the production He says I wonder if they will remember me.

We have the opportunity to do just that as we take the bread and the cup this morning.
We are more than 2 or 3 gathered in His name.
He may well be sitting in one of these empty chairs.
We can show Him our love as we worship Him this morning.

Is He sitting next to you?  We are learning how to love Him all of our lives as we spend time in prayer and reading His Word and remembering Him in this way as often as we can.

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