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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Darwin 2011

Today was my first day in Darwin for 40 years.Went touring around with my good friend Dave.We checked out the city changes and Les and my first home. Had a great afternoon at East Point and saw and photographed and videod birds I had never seen before. Highlights were The Rainbow Pitta,Orange Footed Scrub fowl and it's huge incubating mound,Bush Stone Curlew(pictured above lying "doggo"), also emerald dove, bar shouldered dove, pair of white winged trillers and white breasted woodswallows.A great day and enjoying the hosptitality of Simon and Tracy.We are going to Fogg dam early in the morning.

Masked Lapwing or Spur Winged Plover. The Southern version has smaller yellow wattles

Bar Shouldered Dove

Orange Footed Scrub Fowl

Scrub Fowl Nesting Mound in clearing


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  1. "Hi granddad, I miss u. Dear Granddad happy birthday!", Love from Lucas.