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Monday, June 6, 2011

Darwin 2011 Katherine Gorge,Mataranka

Dave on top of Katherine Gorge

Geoff in Mataranka forest

Flying Foxes at Katherine Gorge

Today is Monday and Dave and I headed for Katherine Gorge. We went for a hike around the top of the first gorge. Very strenuous on the way up the cliff face but a lot easier on the return loop track. Saw Rock wallabies,thousands of flying foxes,more great bower birds,red tailed black cockatoos, blue winged kookaburra and a most elusive male mistletoe bird that was so close but so far.Have been wanting to photograph one of these forever but he was too quick.Saw my first ever Brahminy Kite perched near the bats. Also today at Mataranka, where we are staying the night, went for a very refreshing dip in the hot springs and a pleasant walk through the palm forest.Saw at Mataranka Supermarket and also at our caravan park Blue Faced Honey eaters. An impressive looking bird but the aggressive type that picks food off the restaurant tables.We are going for another "nature" walk around Mataranka in the morning and then heading for Tennant Creek and beyond.We are eating at the motel restaurant and making sandwiches to eat on the way tomorrow.Dave is driving well. Have not seen a Spangled Drongoe yet although Dave is not sure that I don't resemble one.Cut a dashing figure at the hot springs with all the geriatrics in my 30 year old bathers.Stop press saw female Common Koel and group of Grey Crowned Babblers having a game of "catch me if you can" in tree outside our motel room.The meal at the open air restaurant was great.

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