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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Forgiveness again?

A common thread you will see on this blog is the need to forgive.
I have been prompted to write because of articles I have come across about Meagan Kunert on the internet. A young woman who started a wedding photography business and cheated using other people's photos and blogs and posts and information to promote herself.
She was caught out and is now attempting to recover from her demeanors.
It seems an organisation called People of The Second Chance (POTSC) reached out to her with compassion and grace.
Here is link to Meagan's confession on the POTSC website.

Many of course are quick to condemn what Meagan did.
It was bad!

But I am reminded of verses in the Bible like:

"Judge not lest ye yourself also be judged!"

"He who is without sin cast the first stone."

"All have sinned, all fall short of the glory of God."

" Forgive  us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us."

I applaud POTSC for what they are trying to do.

I started to read some of the personal testimonies on their website.

I was taken by one who's Pastor Husband cheated on her.

She chose to forgive her Huband, and the telling thing in her story is that she realised after no response from the other person involved, after she herself had offered forgiveness to her, that she needed to forgive from the heart not just because that's what is expected of Christians.

See Trisha Davis' story below.;postID=4707499569134340934

I would re direct my readers to the earlier post on the Cross of Christ.

None of us, if we are Christians, have a right to withhold forgiveness and we cut ourselves off from knowing the fullness of God's Salvation if we don't forgive from the heart.

I have had my own brushes with not forgiving and the stress that has brought me and others and of course we can all easily recognise where others are at fault in this but it's what we do that is paramount.

What would Jesus do?

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