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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Three Important Questions

I have been trying to clean up my office.
I am something of a random collector but my main things are books,records,magazines,photographic equipment,cassette tapes and other random stuff.
I have over the years collected some Time Magazines , mainly because of the topic on the cover and the feature article within.
There have been significant ones that are a wonderful progressive collection of modern history.
The ones I particularly like are those that confront us with our place and worth in the world and things of a spiritual nature.
Three I found today pose these questions.

"When did the Universe begin?  March 6 1995(actually probably a little before this)(issue date only)

A crucial question to which you need to add how did it begin?

The Bible says "In the beginning----"  A good place to start reading.
It starts in Genesis.

"The God Gene"  November 8 2004

We have had  "The God Particle" propostioned to us recently but we had the "God Gene" before that.
This was propositioned in a book called "The God Gene:How Faith is Hardwired into our Genes" by molecular biologist Dean Hamer.
There are some interesting quotes in this article.
I like this quote in the mag from Henry David Thoreau.

"With all your science,can you tell me how it is that light comes into the soul?"

"Why did Jesus have to die?"  April 12 2004

Once you have used your "God Gene" to be attracted to Jesus then this is the big question.
I would urge you if you are in this quest to not be satisfied until you find the answer and then act on it. A tip . Click on the the tag below.The cross.

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