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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kenny Rogers Adelaide Concert Review

Tonight I went with my good friend Greg to see Kenny Rogers on the last night of his Australian tour and he also said it was his last international tour.
Kenny sang many of his hits and was warmly and enthusiastically received by the audience which were mainly baby boomer age with a spattering of younger fans.
He worked the audience with his "mock" criticisms of the audience's ability to participate and sing a long.
Some of the criticism was probably quite fair.
A highlight was his singing to a back drop slide show of his wife Wanda and 8 year old twins.
He also sang "the Gambler" over a video clip montage from his movie the Gambler.
He sang his favourite duet "wev'e got tonight" that he has sung with Sheena Easton but sang it solo tonight.

Even though he is advancing in years Kenny sounded like he does on record and was backed by a band of 7 musicians. Three on keyboards and the others on guitars.
Starting to advance in years myself now ,I noticed that he is moving slowly and deliberately and it looks like a good call to stop touring especially for the sake of his young family.
I remeber seeing Gene Pitney in concert a few years back and he said how his son had asked him "when are you going to stop doing this dad?"
Gene said I would like to think I would die on stage singing a song.
Well,sadly, that was close to the mark when he died after a concert while on tour.
This was a concert to savor and Kenny has enriched many with his music.
His support act was Adelaide born Beccy Cole who is a well known Australian Country singer.
She was joined on stage by Trevor Warner who was a musical mentor to her when she was young.
He played the fiddle tonight.
She also had another friend supporting her, Lyn Bowtel.
Beccy was very good and had zest and enthusiasm, humour and talent in her show with little plugs for things South Australian.
The clip below,"Shiny Things" was co written with her friend Lyn Bowtel.
She sang this tonight.

Beccy's mother ,Carol Sturtzel, was a popular singer in Adelaide who my mates and I saw on many occasions in the 1960's on our saturday night outings.
A great night out for all who attended, especially a bloke call Trevor ,in the front row, who was singled out by Kenny for some clever stage craft with 10 dollar bills(American,"I'm not silly") being flung in Trevor's direction with abandon.

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