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Thursday, August 2, 2012

More Encounters with Birds

One of my all time(so far) favourite experiences when photographing and videoing birds was on a holiday to Echuca and Moama a few years ago. We stayed in the Moama Carvan Park which was convenient for filming the many different Paddlesteamers passing in front of our cabin on the River Murray.
It was also very close to Horseshoe Lagoon which at the time was a swampland with plenty of water.
It was abounding with birds and the highlight for me was a walk through the trails on the island, formed by the lagoon. as dusk was approaching.
Also some gentle rain was not far off.
I was using my Canon XL1 video camera which worked well in low light but was great for capturing sound also.
I know the XL1 is now superseded by other technology, but there has never been a more stylish and practical video camera in my opinion except for its 1 or 2 later upgrades.
The noise of the frogs as the rain fell in some parts was amazing.
I was standing still, more recording the sounds of frogs than doing anything else, when I sensed a bird fly past and land on a tree branch nearby.
It had been very quiet in this, much as owls make no sound in flight.
I soon realised it was a Kookaburra with his back to me so I started filming him.

After filming a few seconds  he turned his head sideways and there were frog's legs dangling from his beak.
I kept filming just transfixed by the cycle of nature in front of me.
Eventually I moved on but he would have sat here for some time digesting his meal after he had eaten.
Below is that film sequence.

I have had some other encounters with Kookaburras and I will post another clip later of one in Melrose in the Southern FlindersRanges of South Australia.

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