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Saturday, August 4, 2012

The new man Tape 3 Frank Hunting

Below is a a slide show of some of my pictures accompanied by a sermon on the New Man by Frank Hunting.
The pictures should point you to the creator.
How can we deny there is a God when we look at the beauty of the Natural World.
When we have recognised there is a God and we can know Him through Jesus Christ and have responded to that, we need to then start the Christian journey towards maturity in Christ.
We are not instant new creations when we become Christians  although in a sense that is true.
Our position has changed and our disposition can become the disposition of Jesus.
Sadly, many of us never know the fullness of our Salvation.
The sermon is one of the many that I listened to in a five year period when Frank Hunting was our Pastor.
His colleague Harold Long preached the Gospel that God used to bring me to Him.
Frank was the one God used to keep me there when I could easily have faded away.
So the pictures are meant to compliment the message not distract you.

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