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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Major Mitchell Cockatoos eating Padymelons

On a trip back from a holiday to Broken Hill in NSW my wife and I came across some Major
Mitchell Cockatoos taking padymelons from the side of the road to trees and then eating them. We watched and filmed and took still shots for about a half hour.These Cockys are just some of the beautiful Parrots and Cockatoos we are blessed to have in Australia.Padymelons are a native melon that unfortunately are bitter tasting and not palatable for humans. They are commonly found in outback Australian country sides.

I hope you enjoy this short video. It is not high quality but an encounter with birds which is always a treat.
Also I have now added a beautiful close up image of a Major Mitchell.

Over the years(since 1970) I have captured hours of movies on standard and super 8 movie film, then VHS and SVHS video, Mini DV video and now from digital slrs and iPhones etc.
Family events, sports matches our kids were involved in, holidays, wildlife birds and out back Australia.
Now that I am "retired" ie. when not babysitting Grandchildren, I am having the pleasure of going through and editing my extensive archives.Some of it you will see here on this blog.

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