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Friday, August 5, 2011

Encounters with birds

Red Wattle Bird
Red Wattle Bird-"one small step for a Bird"
Red Wattle Bird
I find that if you are looking for it, God presents you with little encounters with birds each day. If I have a camera handy I try to record that encounter. Of course usually you are just an onlooker unless you have a gift like my wife or her late father who somehow used to gain confidence of birds very quickly by just talking to them. I have one or two of those  encounters recorded I will post when I find them. Today I was looking out of our lounge room window and noticed a red wattle bird on our front fence. He was looking for bugs to eat on the fence. I also noticed a New Holland Honeyeater swoop him once or twice. These large Wattle birds (Honey eaters) have become quite dominant and numerous in suburban Adelaide over the last 20 years and smaller birds like the New Holland Honey eater don't like them and are not afraid to express their dislike.
Well my camera was in another room. I thought nothing ventured ,nothing gained so I went for the camera and wondered if the bird would stay there for some pics.
I swapped a telephoto lens from my KX to my KR(pentax) as the Kx did not have a card in it.
Went to our enclosed front porch and took shots through the window. The bird stayed long enough and I even got a little video including the swoop from the New Holland.They are called Red Wattle Birds because of the red "Wattle" on their heads.We also have yellow wattle birds in Australia. Funnily enough as they have a yellow wattle.The Red Wattle birds have a quite loud range of warbling and chuckling noises in their repetoire of calls.The New Holland Honey eaters are very attractive little birds and very common in Adelaide. They make a lot of noise at dusk as they prepare for the night. They are usually the last birds you hear around here each night. 

Please note I have posted this without the video as was having trouble loading it. Will load later.

I thank God for the wonders of His creation.

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