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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Group Praying in Agreement and Authority when someone is addicted to Drugs.

This tape deals with how to pray to release someone from the addictive power of drugs.

The power of addiction in drugs is either satanic or demonic.

If it is demonic, then the addiction comes through demons that are in residence in the person.

In other words , there are demons within the person, and those demons are causing the person to take drugs.

They are binding the drug taking to the person with the purpose of destroying that person.

If the addiction is satanic, then the drug taking is the result of an attempt to alleviate certain emotional feelings.

The emotional feelings being in the realm of feelings of depression,

feelings of inferiority,
a very poor self image that is, feelings of insecurity,

 or feelings of rejection or jealousy.

Feelings of that nature which cause the person to feel very gloomy, or bored, or dull or depressed. or uncertain and the drugs are taken to alleviate that emotional feeling .
Now the drugs at the beginning may be taken to alleviate an emotional state, but satan will take control of the person through the drug taking, perhaps through the chemistry that responds to the drugs, the chemistry in the body that responds to the drugs, and he will begin to use  the states of the person, their depression, or despondency , or insecurity.
he will begin to use these feelings to cause the person to continually take the drug .
And in  the end the person becomes,in our terms,"hooked" or dependent upon the drug to be able to-- well, live any sort of a life at all.
life becomes impossible to be lived without the support of the drug.
Having said that, in this satanic area, we can pray in a way that will enable Jesus , to break the power that satan has in the life of a person who is addicted to drugs in this way.

The redemption of Jesus means that Jesus Christ can put into any man the disposition that ruled His own life.
And all they standards that God gives are based upon that disposition.
in other words, Jesus is able through His atonement to put into the life of any person, the disposition of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Now that means in the area that we are dealing with that Jesus in place of say, the sense of rejection, can give a very wonderful realisation of acceptance.
The person's acceptance by himself and as he realises that Jesus has accepted him and he begins to accept himself he begins to realise that other people are accepting him too.

And so that sense of rejection goes.

Insecurity, he begins to realise that God will never leave him.

God will never forsake him.

He has no reason to be afraid, and, he will not be.

And so it goes on with inferiority.

The person comes to see that they are a "worth" person because they are of worth to Jesus, to God.
That they have their right to play their part in life as only they can and that God is very happy with them, with them as they are,and therefore they can be happy with themselves.

And so as Jesus is really able to take over in the life of a person so is He able to set them free.From the emotional feelings that cause them to turn to things like drugs to give them a support to make life, as they would put it, have a few kicks in it.

To make life possible to live what they would think high above the depression and the gloom  and the boredom and the inferiority and insecurity that they feel.
So we 're going to look now at how you are going to pray and we are going to take each of these things that could be in -------'s life, jealousy, depression, inferiority, insecurity, rejection and we 're going to pray about them in the victory of Jesus, but we are going to pray from the stance of the victory of Christ.

That we have the victory, that we have the authority, that we are not asking but commanding, we are not pleading but insisting, we are asserting Christ's victory and are honouring Him.

It is His victory, and we are not going to allow one of His children to be bound by the devil whose power was taken from him at the cross when Jesus shed His blood and God raised Him again from the dead .

Now the first thing you are to do is to protect yourself and your family and your possessions,

 protect yourself with the blood of Christ. 

and you will do it something like this;

"Gracious Heavenly Father, I come to you to protect me fully from any onslaught, from any way whatsoever that the devil can reach me,or touch me or any of my loved ones or anything belonging to me.
I place myself under the protection of Cross of Jesus Christ my Lord.
I protect myself and all of my loved ones and all of my possessions with His shed blood.

I ask you gracious God to place around my mind, around my body, and around my comings and goings, around my thinking, around my deciding, a circle of light through which no evil can penetrate, and in the innermost depths of my being,I ask that I will be protected by your glorious light from all evil.

Thank you Lord, thank you, in the mane of Jesus I am before you."

Now the way that you are to pray is something like this.

Take the time and the trouble to realise the presence of Jesus.

Take the time and the trouble to realise you are in  the presence of the living Lord Jesus.

The all victorious Lord and Saviour who, at the cross, disarmed satan of all his power when He died, shed His blood and rose again. Because in these prayers you are going straight to Jesus,
you are coming to Him and you are going in His victory to give to Him the faith to deliver-------------from the bondage that he is in.

So, you will pray somewhat like this, and you will take each of the things I have mentioned,
boredom if you like,
you will take all of these and pray for each one of them in a manner similar to what I am going to suggest.

Here is the suggestion.

"Lord Jesus , in the power of your victory over all the power of the devil,
when you died on the cross and shed your blood and rose again,
I deny to satan any power to satan to bind to -------drugs as a compensation for jealousy."

Now if you have fully protected yourself by the cross, by the blood of Christ you may continue thus.

" satan, in the name of Jesus you are to release ------from all the power drugs have over him.
He is Christ's child, I deny to you on the authority of His cross any right of any kind, to any hold or power over him."

Now you will pray that prayer as I have said putting in the end as a compensation instead of jealousy,
you will say depression,
and then again instead of depression inferiority,
rejection and so on.

And then you may pray
"Lord Jesus, drugs come from the evil one,
in your name  and in the victory of your cross and resurrection I am asserting your power to set-------- free from drugs.
I thank you Lord for your victory,
I thank you that you are greater than any power of evil that I can see,
I am praising you and giving to you the victory,in the life of -----------.
Thank you Lord. Amen."

Now as the group, those of you who are gathered here,today, as you begin to make this a special prayer project, for --------, and you pray this prayer,each day as you bring him in this way,
and you assert the victory of Jesus over all the power of the evil one we can expect -------to be set free.
We can expect him to be capable of breaking the power in his life that drugs have over him.

I have also given you a gold sheet under the title of "overcoming satan".
This sheet was specifically prepared for someone  who was demonically afflicted but you can very easily adapt it in your praying to the need that is in -----------'s life.
Actually if you have a look at the sheet and you go down to the 4th paragraph where it says "you loose your grip on me and go to the pit where you belong"
All you need to do is to change that from "you loose your grip on me to "on ----------- and go to the pit where you belong".
"On the authority of Jesus word I command it."

you will be able to use this sheet quite effectively in your quiet time.



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