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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More Bird Encounters-Ibis and Lorikeets

Sacred or White Ibis
Rainbow Lorikeet
Yesterday I heard the familiar sound of Rainbow Lorikeets  which are frequent visitors to our house. This time though it was a large flock in 2 groups flying overhead at quite a high altitude.
It was late afternoon.
Flying amongst them was a solitary white ibis.
I soon realised that the lorikeets , one at a time , were harassing the ibis.

They were all flying quite quickly.

Many birds chase off predators but I had never seen a sight such as this before.

I have read that Rainbow Lorikeets are aggresive with other birds when caged.

I can only assume that the  ibis may have taken one of their young.
Maybe they were sharing a tree and the lorikeets didn't like it.
If anyone else has seen this before or would like to make a comment please do.

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