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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Group Praying in Agreement and Authority when someone is addicted to Drugs.

Drug and Alcohol addiction are some of the most evil things that happen to people and families. I have met Drug and Alcohol addicts in person and by phone in jobs I have had and also in just the daily living we all go about.
It is a terrible thing to see the effects of such addictions and the grip they have on people.
I have known those who have died as a result of their addictions and I doubt that people reading this have been untouched by the same thing.
No family it would seem can say this will never happen to me or to our children,
whether you are a Christian Family or otherwise.
Yet it can and does.

Also sadly there are some who have been addicts and discover God's love for them but still succumb to the addiction.

When I was a young and new Christian(28 yo) I become aware that a young teenager in our church was in trouble with Drugs.

He was a member of a youth group I was leading at the time.
His family asked for the help of one of our Pastors,Frank Hunting.

This was as fine a Christian Family as you could get.

Well Frank  prepared a prayer strategy for this family and close friends to deal with the young man's addiction.

It was taped and notes also were given to the group.

I only became aware of the tape after the young man had been set free from his addiction.
He is still a family friend and some years ago I interviewed him about his former addiction and taped that interview as I felt it might help others.

It was really amazing  to see how God's Holy Spirit had interceded in this young man's life and through his story how the prayers had been answered.

Both He and I still share the same enthusiasm for the Minister(now with the Lord) who helped him in counselling and also preparation of the tape.

We both still listen to some of his tapes on regular occasions.

I propose to post the transcript of the prayer tape within this next week. I will God willing I can fit that in.
I am sure there are families and individuals who would benefit from it.
I may also, provided I obtain his permission, post the transcript of my interview with my friend. 

The trouble with us Christians is we talk a lot about prayer but don't do much of it.

The prayer strategy is very much about spiritual warfare  as drugs are certainly satan's work.

I am currently reading "Spiritual Protection for your Children" by Neil T. Anderson with Pete and Sue Vander Hook. "Helping your Children and Family Find Their Identity, Freedom and Security in Christ."

From what I have read I would recommend it .

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