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Thursday, July 7, 2011

All I know about: Wedding Photography: Know your enemy and your weapons.

The entrance. Copyright Geoff Thompson 2011

Know your Enemy!


Weather.Wind,Rain, Heat,Cold,Glare, Darkness, Ants,Deposits on the Ground where you would like your Bride to sit.  

Malfunctioning equipment and suddenly dying batteries.

Your own poor  health and physical or emotional fitness.

Lack of space at locations and difficult interiors and exteriors.

Getting lost on way to shoot or being cut off by traffic problem.

Difficult family members or guests.

Know your Weapons!

Your communications skills, sensitivity and empathy and a sense of humour.

Your photographic knowledge and experience. Your cameras, lenses,and reliable equipment including portable flash and battery packs.

Back up equipment. Always have more than one set of everything just in case.There may come a time when you need it.

A planned total check up of and inventory of all your equipment no later than the night before the wedding.  

Your timetable that you have agreed on with your customer.Several copies on hand is a good idea.  

An assistant. This can be a student or someone who is keen to shoot as a second shooter. Your partner if interested may be ideal.A second shooter or assistant is invaluable and while I have done many weddings in the past by myself I never front up without a helper these days.

The best man and the wedding party.The best man for helping get people rounded up and moving after the ceremony and the bridesmaids for keeping an eye on the the Bride’s appearance and helping lay out her dress. I usually find I end up doing that myself.You have to be conscious of so much when taking photos.I once was doing bridal portraits with a very nervous bride and I was so intent on capturing expressions and talking her through her nervousness I did not realize the front of her dress had fallen down.   No one else was in the lounge room at the time.Luckily I noticed this and resumed shooting after repairs were actioned.She had trouble with the dress the rest of the day so I had to be on alert.  Parents of the wedding party I usually engage to make sure we are able to round up everyone for family shots.

 A “Reccy”.  If you are worried about the locations that you might be using and it is not too hard to visit before the day of the wedding do it. I have done what I call “reccys” on some occasions but most times if the wedding is local I don’t. But if the wedding is interstate or country it is  a good idea.If you are interstate with your wedding or needing to stay overnight it is a good idea to allow a whole day on   the Friday to do your “reccies” With experience you can handle all locations but the biggest concern really is not turning up for the shoot. I know of a friend who unfortunately got lost on the way to the ceremony and her confidence as a wedding photographer took a big nose dive.. She missed the whole ceremony and more.     

GPS. A modern tool which I have yet to rely on for doing a wedding. I would uses as a back up more than totally relying on it.    

Prayer. if you are a Believer.                            

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