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Thursday, July 28, 2011


                           By Frank Hunting

Yes Lord, I need and must continuously turn to You. It is amazing that I still want to think of myself as having arrived at a certain stage of Christian growth never again needing to retrace my steps to maintain this stage. Or to think,”Well now, at last, in that regard I have got myself right with Jesus, I have finished with that.” I think I have arrived permanently at that stage only to find I haven’t .I must start again afresh. I must go back with You Lord and make a new beginning. The reason?

There are depths in me still needing to turn to You ,Lord to be converted- changed-cleansed- transformed. I do not turn to You once and stay put. I do not repent once, and dispense with any need to repent for all time. If I am to walk with you Lord I must continuously repent. If I walk in the light as You are in the light Your blood is cleansing me from sin. But that cleansing must go much, much deeper, than conscious sin of which I am aware. This cleansing must go to the deepest depths of me- and it must be continuous.

Continuously do I have to learn that I am nothing. Continuously do I need to  learn that that nothingness  can only be met by Your sufficiency, Lord

(from Off  Beat Responses to the Bible) 

Footnote: Even though as Christians we can know salvation from sin and assurance of Heaven,  Salvation , Full Salvation, is a continous process. There is always more of us that needs to be taken to the Cross. I know this to be true in me. I have a long way to go. Too often as Christians we criticise others in their "walk" but none of us have any right to.  Geoff Thompson

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