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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Holy Spirit of Promise-The Dove as a symbol of the Holy Spirit

White Dove 

Crested Pigeon ("Toppy")

I have noticed today that a pair of White Doves which are native to Africa are starting to build a nest in a tree over the back corner of our fence. This species has been establishing itself in recent years in the suburbs ofAdelaide and they would surely have originated from escaped aviary birds.They are beautiful birds, reasonably tame and have a very characteristic cooing  call.I usually hear them before I see them.We have many doves and pigeons native to Australia and one that has gained strong foothold in Adelaide and other states is the Indian Turtle Dove. I have got into the habit of whenever I see a dove or hear one I remind myself that the Holy Spirit is ever present in my life.
The Holy Spirit descended onto Jesus at His Baptism in the form of a dove and dove was also used by Noah to find a landfall after the Flood.

Even though I can't always see the doves I know they are here.Also a common species around here is the Crested Pigeon or Topknot or "Toppy" as we call them.

If you watch doves and pigeons you will note that they drink by suction unlike most other birds that lift their heads to swallow when drinking. The doves and pigeons do not raise their heads. I am told there is an Australian Finch that does the same.

One folklore has said that the pigeons and doves are pagans as they don't lift their heads to Heaven in praise of God when drinking.
This is nonsense of course.

I am reminded though that we are told to drink of the living Water who is Christ.

If you are a Christian the Holy Spirit is living in you and walking beside you each day, every minute ,every hour.
If you are not a Christian He is seeking to be and do the same for you.

He is our Comforter and so much more.

Geoff Thompson

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