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Monday, July 4, 2011

Profile of a Wedding Photographer

I started photographing weddings in 1975. This is a video presentation and notes from a training course I conducted for some years in Adelaide called an "Introduction to wedding photography".You will find many posts about wedding photography on this blog and on my photography training blog.

Melina- copyright 2011Geoff Thompson
The following are some of the characteristics you will need to be a successful Wedding Photographer.

 You must like people. If you don’t like people you are not suited to Wedding photography. Of course you could take some steps to rectify this.
”People who don’t like people have no business taking people pictures and most of all wedding photography is a people business.” George Schaub. American Photography Author.

 Patience is a very much needed attribute.

 A “Thick Skin.”

 A sense of humour.

 Commitment to your craft. A “student” of photography formal and/or informal.
”It is an article of faith to me that the really great wedding pictures are still to be made.” Ian Hawthorne former Australian Wedding Photography Guru.

 Photography skills above average and always striving higher.

 Not prone to panic attacks. An ability to remain calm under pressure.

 Physically and mentally and emotionally  fit.

 Reliable, punctual, organized.

 An ability to “think on your feet.”
 “to become a Master photographer of weddings, one must be an accomplished portraitist,an Illustrator,a Photo Journalist,a Director and probably a Psychologist.A wedding photographer must be able to to photograph architecture and fashion; or in short a a master wedding photographer must be accomplished in many things.” Rocky Gunn famous American wedding Photographer.

 Able to read a street directory and/ or supplement this with GPS device.I would not only rely on GPS when doing a wedding.

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