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Friday, July 29, 2011

Passing of John Stott

Willie Wagtail
I just read this evening of the death of the noted English Theologian John Stott. I first heard of him when I was a new Christian in the 1970's and he came to speak at Holy Trinity Church in Adelaide. My wife and I were encouraged to attend but the crowd was so big we were in an overflow room and had to listen and watch John Stott on closed circuit television.I recently inherited a collection of audio tapes of those meetings.The experience at the time was bit empty as we seemed so remote from the speaker.Listening to the tapes now they are wonderful teachings on all sorts of things. He even brought in his interest in what he called Orni-theology. If you have a copy of his book "the Birds our Teachers" you will know what he meant.I notice in many of the comments on his passing on the Christianity Today website that many referred to him as Uncle John. In the tapes I have someone asked him about manners and how we should address our elders as young Christians. He  said he was comfortable with Uncle but did not like young people calling him by his first name which is pretty common these days.People in that particular Q and A then started addressing him as Uncle John, I have several of his books and coincidentally bought a bundled collection of some of his books today in a Christian Bookshop.
A wonderful Christian Teacher and Theologian. A Birdwatcher and Photographer also.
We are rich in the Christian world from his contribution and use of his gifts.

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