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Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Light of God-Walking in the Light

                        The Light of God-Walking in the Light

By Geoff Thompson

As a Photographer I love light. The various effects it can produce in a photograph are wonderfully pleasing to the eye.

One of the best exponents of using light creatively was around long before photography was invented.

He was the painter, Rembrandt. His use of light in his paintings has long been  recommended as a study for portrait photographers to see what can be achieved.

I don’t understand the theory of light other than the basics about the spectrum and a little bit about how we see colour and the different effects of colour temperature.

I don’t even pretend to understand how this actually happens.

 I do know enough about the properties of light and have developed an ability to “see” the potential in a photograph to create what I and some others think are beautiful photographs or digital images in today’s language. I am always looking at the visual things before me with a photographer’s eye.

I know God is the Author and Creator of  light.

So when I am taking a photograph I am harnessing one of His greatest Gifts to Mankind.

The Bible talks a lot about light.

It also talks a lot about the Human condition and I believe it is a workshop manual given to us by God to enable us to live as He intended when He created us.
It, the Bible, is the story  of  Jesus who is the Light of the world.
I have a good enough  understanding of the Bible and it's teachings  to enable me and others to know the freedom and healing of life’s hurts and pain and the comfort and assurance  of what lies ahead for us when we die.

To understand how Jesus dying on a cross, effects my salvation is beyond me. I accept it however by Faith.

I accept the laws that govern photography by Faith. I don’t understand them but I know how to apply them.

We don’t have to know everything this side of Heaven.

But the Bible says “if we walk in the light then the Blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sin.”

On this blog I share my passion and so far developed skills with others about photography.

But I believe it is far more important to share what I know about Jesus.

A good photograph will eventually fade. We all eventually die.

Sometimes sooner than we would like.

But the Love of God goes on forever and we can share in that Love in Eternity and never die.

We can begin that journey before we die.

We can know God’s healing and Wholeness now for the most part.

If…. we walk in the Light.

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