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Friday, July 15, 2011

Great Australian Road Trips-The Nullabor Plain

Great Australian Bight Nullabor Plain

Iconic Sign on Nullabor Plain

Don't you just want to get out there.
A few years back now, 2006, we travelled across the Nullabor Plain in a hired  Kia Carnival van to visit Perth in Western Australia to photograph a family  wedding for our good friends Anne and Dave who we have shared many road trips and meals etc with over many years.The Kia Carnival was fantastic for such a road trip and within a year Lesley and I hired another Kia and did the trip to the East Coast of Australia to Canberra and Sydney. In effect we transversed the continent fro East to West within 12 months.We loved the Nullabor trip and highly recommend it for anyone who likes the wide open spaces and the feelings of escape on such trips.There is lots to photograph of course. The trip took us 4 days as we did not drive at night as you are in danger of colliding with nocturnal wildlife, namely kangaroos, wombats and camels.The above are just a few shots from the thousands we captured.The east coast trip of course was also very enjoyable.

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